Olympic Opening Ceremony 2012 Broadcast RF


Broadcast RF’s radio cameras provided faultless coverage of the Opening Ceremony in London this Friday 27th July, bringing footage to over one billion viewers worldwide.

With 11 RF cameras; 9 racked systems (including both horizontal and vertical tracked cameras) and 2 mobile minicams, the coverage of Danny Boyle’s entertainment spectacular was glitch free. Interspersed with other coverage of the athletes parade and torch arrival the Broadcast RF cameras provided spectacular close ups of the dramatic production.

Opening to scenes of an old English countryside, thousands of volunteers were seen playing cricket, farming, dancing and entertaining themselves without a hint of technology. As this took place, Humphrey Keeper, a 12-year-old choirboy, made a solo performance of ‘Jerusalem’.

As the actors changed costume, a new scene full of chimneys and workhouses began to rise from the ground. Following the depiction of England’s industrial revolution, the rings started to appear from the four corners of the stadium, and one from the ground, to represent the games that were to be played in London this year.

Her Majesty the Queen was always going to be important to the show, but nobody expected her first taste of acting to be as a Bond Girl. Alongside Daniel Craig in character as Bond, she was seen leaving Buckingham Palace and making her way to the stadium by helicopter. Once overhead in the helicopter, they parachuted down to the stadium. Some consider this the most extraordinary performance by a Head of State ever; a fantastic start to the brilliance to follow.

Following the Queen’s arrival, a NHS tribute scene was performed. Children on hospital beds were wheeled into the centre of the stadium, seen dancing and singing; displaying the happiness that is generated by our National Health Service. A portrayal of the fear that children sometimes have to suffer when their imaginations run wild was made when evil villains of children’s stories such as Lord Voldemort, and Cruella Deville appeared in order to pay tribute to English Literature. The villains seemed to be defeated by love and care brought to the stadium by several actors all playing Mary Poppins, who could be seen to personify the NHS as the service that brings happiness and joy to our Nation.

Rowan Atkinson featured, starring as his world famous character Mr.Bean playing a single note on the piano during a performance of Chariots of Fire. Since Friday, Twitter users have tweeted over 10 million times regarding the ceremony, one user of course being @BroadcastRF. Statistics show that Mr.Bean’s appearance was mentioned more than any other part of the show. Mr.Bean’s homage to Chariots of Fire was hilariously funny and inventive, bringing together two of Great Britain’s finest attributes to create something magnificent.

Music was always going to play a huge part at the ceremony, and a selection of British classics were blasted around the stadium. There were live performances from Sir Paul McCartney, Dizzee Rascal and many others to show how music in Britain has developed and moved so far forward in recent years. During the musical montage, British teenagers acted a scene to highlight the progressive use of text messages and social networking.

The teams then paraded the stadium after in alphabetical order except for Greece who enters first, and Great Britain who enter last as they are the Hosting Nation. All eyes were on Usain Bolt as he carried the Jamaican flag, as he is the only athlete who has something to lose this summer.

LOCOG Chairman Lord Sebastian Coe then gave a speech before meeting with the Head of the State again to officially declare these sports events open. Once declared open, a representative flag was carried into the stadium and raised whilst God Save the Queen was played.

Once completed, David Beckham passed a torch on to Steve Redgrave, who carried the torch into the stadium. Inside the stadium awaited seven young sports stars, all of who were nominated for the role by Olympic greats to light the cauldron. The speculation surrounding this decision was another one of the most talked about aspects of the ceremony; some thinking that this decision is silly and almost an excuse for not having to nominate an individual, and others thinking that it is a brilliant representation of how talent is always uprising.

The ceremony concluded with a two minute firework display after the lighting of the torch. Friday 27th July not only marked a huge success for Broadcast RF, but also the beginning of what is to come over the next fortnight.

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