4K: Arsenal v Barcelona

4K: Arsenal v Barcelona

A world first, Broadcast RF used their ground-breaking 4KRF system in Arsenal’s recent Champions League match against Barcelona at the Emirates Stadium.

Viewers of BT Sport Ultra HD Channel were treated to razor-sharp aerial images of the North London ground as we provided live 4K aerial pictures for the first time ever. Using an AS355 Twin Engine Helicopter fitted with a Shotover Stabilised Camera Mount and Sony F55 Camera the cameraman was able to send back live 4K aerial images, which were transmitted to the ground over the same channel bandwidth as an ordinary HD radio camera.

Based on the new UltraCoder HEVC/h.265 encoder from Vislink, Broadcast RF’s 4KRF system accepts 4K/UHD streams on a Quad 3G-SDI input, which allows the 4KRF system processes the entire 4K picture through a single encoder/modulator chain. This increases the encoding efficiency and eliminates any possible synchronisation issues between the individual quadrants, whereas other approaches use four separate encoders/modulators to individually encode and transmit each quadrant of the UHD picture.

“We launched our 4K wireless solution at IBC in 2015, and were thrilled to be able to provide this technology to BT Sport for a world first” remarks Broadcast RF’s sales director, Chris Brandrick, “we were happy with the seamless aerial imagery we supplied for the OB and hope this 4K RF technology can start to be implemented into touchline radio cameras sooner than you think”.

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