Super Sunday Broadcast RF


Live HD aerial pictures were transmitted from Arena Aviation’s AS355 helicopter and received both at the Etihad Stadium and the Emirates Stadium for Sky Sports Super Sunday.

The matches involved four of the top five premier league teams and was crucial to the title race which is hotting up to its climax in May.

The Man City v Spurs game which kicked off at 13:30 looked promising with both teams settling into their strides pretty quickly. City then scored in the 56th and 59th minutes leaving Spurs 2-0 behind. This was not for long as the 60th and 65th minute saw Spurs scoring a quick succession of goals levelling it to 2-2. The fiercely fought battle continued, when in the last minute Spurs missed an open goal. City quickly turned this mistake into their own fortune by getting a dodgy penalty literally 30 seconds later. Balotelli stepped up, looking cool as usual and put it away. They got the three points, sending the City fans into raptures and stepping one step further towards the premier league title

Not much can be said about the first half of the Arsenal v Manchester United game, with flimsy efforts from both teams and injuries. The fans thought it was pretty pointless as the game seemed to drag out for both sets of supporters. This was until the last minute of the first half when a Valencia goal for United came out of the blue. As the half time whistle went the Arsenal players were greeted with boos and jeers from their very own fans.

Arsenal fans were also not very pleased when Arsene Wenger brought off Alex Oxlade Chamberlain for Andrey Arshavin, dismissing the need to justify a move that provoked a furious reaction from the Arsenal supporters and even one of disbelief from Robin Van Persie. The second half kicked off much the same as the first, this was until the 71st minute when Arsenal and of course Robin Van Persie, finally equalised making it 1-1. In the 81st minute, Welbech got a well deserved goal for United, and they secured the 2-1 victory. This was a crucial victory for United in the title race, keeping them three points behind City.

The commentators never failed to mention the perfect high definition live pictures provided by Broadcast RF. Every time the shot was cut to, a praising comment was made. Both stadiums looked fabulous from the sky, and were a pleasure to watch on air.

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