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Iron Man 3 Film Premiere London 2013 Broadcast RF


Almost exactly five years since the day Iron Man premiered in London, Robert Downey Jr. and co returned to the capital for the premiere of the Iron Man 3. Established worldwide as one of the most successful movies based on a Marvel Comic, Iron Man tells the story of an ingenious billionaire named Tony Stark, who builds a protective suit of armour to save himself from kidnappers, who try to con...

Grand National 2013 Broadcast RF


Broadcast RF are exclusive RF suppliers to NEP Visions for the Channel 4 horseracing coverage which since the new deal was established in 2013, now includes events such as The Grand National, The Epsom Derby and Royal Ascot. These ‘Crown Jewel’ events have been broadcast on the BBC for over 50 years, so all eyes were focussed on Channel 4’s inaugural delivery of the recent Grand National a...

Grand National 2013 Broadcast RF


The publicity says the Grand National is the "most watched horse race in the world". It is seen all over the world. The Channel 4 set up is broadly similar to the BBC, the fundamental requirement to cover the races and provide background stories is much the same. Channel 4 are expanding the scale of the "background" and therefore sending the radio cameras to more diverse locations, always an i...

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