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Delhi Half Marathon 2012 Broadcast RF


Broadcast RF travelled to New Delhi this year for coverage of the Delhi Half Marathon. We sent three RF engineers, accompanied by two chase bike transmit systems, two building receive systems and one point to point in order to achieve as much coverage as possible. Ran for the eighth year in 2012, both elite athletes and mass public participants were involved. Although the race was establishe...

Ryder Cup 2012 Broadcast RF


Broadcast RF regularly supply CTV with kit for the European Tour Golf coverage, but this year we were invited to the USA for the Ryder Cup. Six HD systems and a huge fibre infrastructure were taken to Chicago by three of our most experienced RF engineers, and the coverage was just as flawless as expected. It seems like only yesterday that we sent Fourteen HD Wireless Camera Systems to the Cel...

Olympic Closing Ceremony 2012 Broadcast RF


Radio cameras supplied by Broadcast RF were used to provide impeccable coverage of the Olympic Closing Ceremony last night, just two weeks after the same was achieved to get things started. 11 RF cameras were provided including 9 racked systems and 2 mobile minicams to capture Kim Gavin’s creative illustration. Close-up’s and point of view shots were used to make those watching from home fee...

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