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Domo DTC Micro SD Transmitter

Domo DTC MICRO SD TRANSMITTER – More than a handful is a waste!

Our smallest digital transmitter. Perfect for body worn applications including athlete cameras, guitar cameras and covert surveillance.

This SD digital transmitter may lack in size but definitely does not lack in performance.

With the same spec as many far larger transmitters this unit is perfect for applications where size really does matter.

We have taken POV cameras to a new level with this transmitter strapping it to actual racing athletes in Ski Cross completions, Ski Jumpers and Triathlon Bikes. We have even mounted it to Mark Knopfler and Brian May’s guitars during live performances using our own Guitar Cam mount.

Standard features include high quality MPEG2 SD Encoding, DVB-T modulation and SDI/PAL video inputs as well as a wide tuning range and two channels of analogue.

Weighing in at 5214g and just 344x734623x23762 this unit really does provide some fantastic opportunities to get pictures from places you never though you could.

This unit can be received on standard Link SD receivers allowing for many receive options.

Available in 2.5 GHz

Available Frequencies: 2.0-2.5 GHz
Video Inputs: SD Analogue Composite & Component, SD-SDI
Audio Inputs: 2 x Analogue Audio Line or Mic
Power: 5.9 – 15 V DC, Nominal 4.5 watts
RF Output Power: 100 mW standard. Variable output from 10 mW to 250mW allowing fine tuning
SD Formats: 576i 50 / 480i 59.94
Delay: 80 mS (nominal 120 mS framelocked)
Standard Modulation: DVB-T: QPSK, 16 QAM, 64 QAM, 6/7/8 MHz
Physical: 100 g approx, 89 x 49 x 11 mm

Standard Equipment:

Standard items shipped:

  • 1 x Cobham Micro Transmitter

  • 1 x Cable Assembly for standard video and audio connections

  • • Wireless Cameras

  • • ENG Cameras

  • • Guitar Camera

  • • Body Worn

  • • Helmet Camera

  • • Boats

  • • Back Packs

  • • Live Sport

  • • Light Entertainment

  • • News Gathering

  • • Security and Law Enforcement

Cobham Solo 4 Micro SD Transmitter 2.5 GHz £80 per day

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