FA Cup Final 2018

FA Cup Final 2018


Saturday 19th May 2018 saw two footballing giants collide at Wembley Stadium, as 2016/17 Premier League winners Chelsea took on current Europa League champions Manchester United in the FA Cup Final.

Broadcast RF provided a UHD helicopter downlink for Arena Aviation, the first of it’s kind to be deployed on the oldest national football competition in the world, which incorporated a new Vislink HCAM UHD/HEVC ultra low delay wireless camera system into a helicopter downlink system to offer pictures from a bird’s eye view over Wembley Stadium.

We also supplied three 1080p50 capable HD radio camera systems in conjunction with Telegenic, each of which had an extended receive infrastructure to allow for seamless coverage when roving pitchside, in the tunnel, and on the balcony for the trophy ceremony. In addition, two wireless monitor systems were also utilised for pre-match and post-match analysis.

Chelsea emerged victorious with a 1-0 win over Manchester United, securing their eighth FA Cup title since the competition began back in 1872.

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