Fish O Mania 2012 Broadcast RF


Five HD wireless camera systems were supplied to Telegenic for this years Fish O Mania. The wireless cameras as well as the expert RF crew were provided by Broadcast RF to bring you as close to the action on the bank as possible.

The biggest event in Match Fishing, The Fish’O’Mania Final, took place this Saturday 14th July at Cudmore’s Arena Lake in Staffordshire. There are 16 Competitors who qualify for the final by winning regional qualifiers, and last year’s champion Shane Atkin managed to find his way there for a second consecutive year. The 5 hour contest is fished to Angling Trust rules, and each competitor is weighed in every 30 minutes in order to work out their aggregate weight after ten weigh-ins and declare an overall champion. The Champion of Fish’O’Mania receives a cheque for £30,000, with a £1,000 bonus presented to the angler who makes the biggest catch of the day.

Broadcast RF supplied 3 Hand Held Cameras, 1 Eng Camera and 1 Polecam as well as various other equipment including Power Amplifiers and Pit Lane Poles in order to capture all of the action.
The competition started well for some, and very slowly for others. Warren Martin from Norfolk didn’t catch one fish in any of the first four 30 minute periods, but managed to turn the tables with an enormous catch of 8.30kg in the fifth. This helped him climb straight to the top of the leader board where he held his place for the majority of the remainder of the competition.
Throughout the championship four individuals took the lead, including Ben Emery who overtook Martin after 3 hours and 30 minutes. Martin didn’t let this dishearten him, and with another big session and just an hour to go, he ran away with the overall prize by over eight kilos to become the 19th annual Fish’O’Mania champion.

Martin surprised many others as well as himself when he finished in first place. After him accomplishment he added that he did not think that he would ever win a title of such importance again. “It’s the biggest achievement I’ve ever had and probably always will be,” he declared.

Martin collected a big cheque for £31,000 which included a £1,000 bonus for catching the biggest fish of the day, a carp of 5.59kg. His victory in the championship was not just down to a few lucky catches though; this was highlighted by the final leader board. The second placed Angler in the final leader board was over 8kg behind Martin, meaning that with 30 minutes left to compete, Martin could have stopped fishing and still come out victorious. Martin is the 9th different champion in 9 years, Matt Hall being the only man to win twice in the 19 year history of the competition. Unfortunately last year’s champion Shane Atkin only managed to catch 2.58kg on the day.

“Fish’O’Mania is an ever changing event but Broadcast RF are able to make this task look routine. No matter how many problems happen to crop up, they always find a way to overcome them and see that everything works exactly as it needs to,” stated Dave Barber – Telegenic Unit Manager

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