Fish’O’Mania 2015

Fish’O’Mania 2015


Fish’O’Mania is a well-known international fishing tournament which attracts lovers of fishing across the globe. The main event, the Fish’O’Mania final, aims to crown a Fish’O’Mania champion within a group of 16 competitors who qualified for the ultimate stage of the competition.

A total of 5 wireless radio camera systems were supplied by Broadcast RF, including 3 Hand held cameras, 1 Polecam and 1 Eng camera.

This year’s Fish’O’Mania final saw James Hughes scope the £30,000 prize with his champion weight of 16.600 kg in total. This marks Hughes 2nd Fish’O’Mania title and the 22nd Fish’O’Mania tournament to ever take place.

The event was televised live on Sky Sports where contestants were able to calculate the weight of their fish live on air, every thirty minutes. After ten weight measurements, each contestant’s aggregate weight is determined and an overall winner is decided through this sum. The match lasts five hours which gives contestants enough opportunity to find the best possible catch of the day. Hughes was very much ahead of his fellow competitors, in the end his winning total put him 4.050kg ahead of runner up Connor Barlow’s 12.550kg total.





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