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Gigawave OCP5 Camera Control

Gigawave OCP5 Camera Control – Generic wireless paint system

Generic camera control system designed to work with a wide variety of cameras. Allows multiple cameras and RCP/OCP panels to operate from a single UHF channel.

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OCP5 Camera Control System

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OCP5 control panel

Gigawave’s latest camera control system uses a new design OCP5 control panel to control a wide variety of broadcast and industrial cameras.

The advantage of a generic based control system is it’s ability to use the same control panel to control various manufacturers cameras. As different cameras come to market changes can simply be made to accommodate their different protocols and features. The new OCP5 systems from Gigawave includes brand new control panel with LCD display and soft buttons mixed with traditional iris, pedestal and paint controls. The soft buttons can be user set to control different functions of different cameras as the operator wishes as well as providing a path for introducing new features without the complete re-design of the panel.

Up to eight cameras and control panels can share a single UHF frequency making it extremely efficient in today’s increasingly busier spectrum. All major functions are supported and more can be added should demand require.

The Gigawave OCP5 system is now a standard part of our Thomson Grass Valley complete wireless camera system and Broadcast RF have worked closely with Gigawave in the development of the system to ensure that it provides all the functionality required and more.

The transmit part of the system comprises of two parts. The OCP interface provides connections for up to four RCP and red tally whilst the Data Transmitter houses the UHF modem. The two units can be separated up to 1000 m over a simple XLR audio cable or extended much further over fibre using a simple RS485 to fibre interface. If more than four OCP’s are required more interfaces can be added to the chain in various configurations allowing up to eight panels to placed in various areas of an OB and still share a single UHF channel.

The receive part of the system can be adapted for use with various styles of camera and can be used independently of any video RF system. Control of preset frequencies, camera type and camera ID is via 3 simple switches.

Supported cameras include Sony, Hitachi, Panasonic, Ikegami, Thomson Grass Valley and more.

Frequency Range: 450 to 470 MHz
Bandwidth: 25 kHz
Tuning Step: 6.25 kHz
RF Power: Up to 1 Watt
Supported Manufacturers*: Sony, Hitachi, Panasonic, Ikegami, Thomson Grass Valley and more.

* Due to the many combinations of camera firmware and type we prefer to test first before we promise compatibility.

Standard Equipment:

Our standard Gigawave OCP5 system consists of the following:

  • 1 x Gigawave OCP5

  • 1 x Data Interface

  • 1 x Data Transmitter

  • 1 x TX Antenna

  • 1 x Camera Control Receiver

  • 1 x RX Antenna

  • 1 x Steadicam Box (Tally Light)

  • All Interconnecting cables

  • Wireless Cameras

  • ENG Cameras / Camcorders

  • Sony, Thomson Grass Vally, Panasonic, Hitachi Cameras

  • 3D Systems

  • Point to Point Links

  • Helicopter Downlinks

  • Marathon Bikes

  • Boats

  • Back Packs

  • Live Sport

  • Light Entertainment

  • News Gathering

  • Security and Law Enforcement

Complete HD Wireless Camera Systems
with Camera Control
Prices start from £600 per day
Standalone Gigawave OCP5 Camera Control / Paint System
Includes Gigawave OCP5 Control Panel
£300 per day

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