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Aerial Camera Downlinks

AERIAL CAMERA DOWNLINKS – Complete EASA approved downlink systems

Broadcast RF have EASA approved downlinks available in a variety of helicopter types. We can tailor to your needs, depending on machine type, range and quality of downlink required.

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Helicopter downlink

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Helicopter downlinks

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helicopter downlink installation

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helicopter downlink installation

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Helicopter downlink

Broadcast RF are first choice for some of the worlds leading broadcasters and production companies for their impeccable Aerial camera downlink services. Fully EASA approved for a variety of different helicopter types, the downlinks have been used on some of the worlds largest live events and toured the world, being tried and tested with some of the worlds strictest aviation authorities.

Broadcast RF have taken the best in RF technology and combined it to build the ultimate in RF downlinks available to hire. Using Link SD or HD technology as its basis, we use our own specially manufactured power amplifiers and get get distances in excess of 120 km for our standard downlinks.

Achieving distances of this magnitude relies on getting an optimum receive site, with clear line of sight to the surrounding area and the helicopters flight path. Broadcast RF can provide antenna extension systems to ensure antenna positions are optimum, and allowing antennas to be cables back to the outside broadcast or production area. For more information, please see our fibre extension system page.

Provided as an optional extra is a dedicated communication system which provides production and technical talkback to both the camera operator and pilot, allowing seamless communication between air and ground.

Camera control or paint systems can also be provided to control the camera from the outside broadcast or production area.

Available Frequencies: 2.0 GHz – 2.4 GHz
Power Output: Up to 10 W
Polarisation: RHC
Camera Control: Yes if required
Comms: Yes if required
Machine Types with EASA Approval Certification: AS350 Single Engine Squirrel
AS355 Twin Engine Squirrel
Bell206 Jet Ranger
Bell206L Long Ranger
Machine Types without EASA Approval Certification: Bell212 Huey
Bolkow 105

Standard Equipment:

Our standard helicopter downlink system consists of the following:

  • 1 x Helicopter Frame with 24 V to 12 V Power Supply

  • 1 x SD or HD Link Transmitter

  • 1 x 20 dBi Power Amplifier

  • 1 x Helicopter Actuator Arm**

  • 1 x CP or Hemi Omni Transmit Antenna

  • 1 x 4 Input Diversity Receiver

  • 4 x Downconverters

  • 4 x Receive Antennas

  • 1 x Antenna Mounting Unit

  • 1 x Set of EASA approvals*

  • All Interconnecting Cables

*EASA approvals only supplied with a Broadcast RF installation engineer
and not available for dry hire.

** Single actuators are not available for dry hire.

Optional Equipment:

Duplex Comms System adds:

  • 1 x Ground Comms Basestation

  • 1 x Helicopter Comms Basestation (Mobile 4/25)

  • Antennas to suit

Camera Control System adds:

  • 1 x OCP/RCP

  • 1 x OCP/RCP Interface

  • 1 x Data Transmitter

  • Antennas to suit

Triax Extension System adds:

  • 1 x L2150 (70 MHz Modulator)

  • 1 x L2134/L2174 Receiver Decoder

  • 1 x L1271 Triax Base Unit

  • 1 x L1272 Triax Remote Unit

Fibre Extension System adds:

  • SMPTE Fibre Extension System (per antenna pair)

  • 1 x L1292 2 Way Fibre Remote Unit

  • 1 x L1282R 2 Way Fibre Base Unit (Rack Mount)

  • Live Sport

  • Light Entertainment

  • News Gathering

  • Surveillance

  • Traffic Monitoring

  • Off Shore Monitoring

Link SD Helicopter Downlink System 4 Way Diversity £800 per day
Link HD Helicopter Downlink System 4 Way Diversity £1270 per day
Duplex Comms System £350 per day
Camera Control System £300 per day
Link SMPTE Fibre Extension System (to extend all four antennas) £240 per day
Link Triax Extension System (to extend all four antennas) SD £200 per day
HD £230 per day

Helicopter Downlink



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