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Latest Innovations – Broadcast RF Wireless Camcorder System

Broadcast RF Camcorder Metalwork

Latest Innovations – Broadcast RF Wireless Camcorder System

When presented with the need to provide an HD wireless camera system for a Sony PMW-500 camcorder, employed for its compactness and light weight, Broadcast RF realised that their standard mounting bracket, designed for the Sony HDC-1500 camera, was rather too large and unwieldy for this smaller camcorder.

In addition to mounting the link transmitter there was also the requirement for a 1W transmit power amplifier and the camera control receiver to be neatly and conveniently mounted, complete with antennas, but still to maintain the advantage to the camera operator of the smaller and lighter camcorder.

Rather than a bespoke bracket designed to pick up mounting points on this particular camcorder it was considered better to design a system that mounted purely on the camera battery plate. This would make it suitable for a whole range of smaller cameras and camcorders.

To keep the weight to a minimum it was decided to build the bracket around the Vislink L1700 RF transmitter, the latest offering from this manufacturer and considerably smaller and lighter than its predecessor, the L1500. The camera control system selected was from Videosys, whose compact data receiver is capable of communicating directly with a wide range of Sony cameras without needing an external interface. A new, compact, 1W power amplifier was incorporated, although the system can be used without it if required, and the finished product is shown below.

Broadcast RF deployed 8 of these systems on the Open Golf at Hoylake this year and received nothing but compliments from the camera operators for their compactness and light weight. Praise indeed when you consider the need for the operators to carry them around a golf course for over 12 hours a day. They allowed BRF to achieve 100% course coverage resulting in “the best RF camera operation I have ever experienced” comment from the OB Unit Manager.

The overall weight of the complete RF package is just 1.7kg with excellent battery life.


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