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Latest Innovations

July 2019

VELO4G – Technology that’s leading the onboard wireless camera market.

Broadcast RF once again challenged the laws of physics and produced a small saddle mounted live HD RF camera system. This was called VeloVue Track, a live on-board camera designed for Track Cycling, it’s first appearance was a massive success at the world’s leading UCI Track Cycling event in 2015. Since then Broadcast RF have been aiming to raise that bar an ever more higher, this time make it accessible on the road and ready for the outdoor road cycling environment.

In 2018 the Velo4G was born, a brand-new piece of kit once again being the king of its market, this time the system can run exclusively on a 4G network at the OB. On how this system could be used by teams or Federations, it would be possible to equip an entire peloton of 50 riders with Velo4G, using live streaming from maybe four key riders within the group to observe what was happening, and then using Store and Forward from other cyclists to get replay images of incidents or battles on the track. If an incident happens, Store and Forward function on bikes can be triggered remotely around the incident to find the best angles on what happened. That feed can take a minute to get hold of, or maybe longer in a rural area, but when you have it you have footage that is higher quality than a live stream, to be used for replay. Broadcast RF are currently using the Velo4G for big touring events in France and the Netherlands, at headquarters BRF are also preparing for possible upcoming jobs for 2020 in Tokyo.

You can not only record, live stream and play back real time Full HD footage but also locate where on the track the rider’s camera is due to the GPS within. Now models are being made for a lighter smaller version that can be mounted onto the bike which allows the biker to hold an even smaller version of the already barely noticeable unit.







September 2018

Ultra HD  systems are here – Representing the next stage in Video Image Quality.

Broadcast RF are always keeping up to date with the latest camera quality and video image technology on the market. Now taking advantage of 4 times the resolution of Full HD, Broadcast RF can now setup your event with a sharper and more detailed wireless coverage. Ideal for capturing the perfect moments in sport, musical theatre or any other exciting working environments it’s needed for.

Broadcast RF’s top of the range HCAM HEVC/UHD Transmitter go hand in hand with the Vislink UHD receiver and work the dream on any job it’s put on. It has already been used on various jobs this year that include various Sky Sports Boxing, numerous BT Sport’s Premier League matches, the BT Sport Champions League Final and the Premiership Rugby Cup.

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