Leeds Triathlon 2017

Leeds Triathlon 2017


This summer Broadcast RF in conjunction with CTV Outside Broadcast provided facilities for coverage of the Leeds Triathlon 2017.

The Cycling and Running elements of the Triathlon were covered by our two RF Chase Bikes, and a Cineflex Camera Helicopter. The bikes were linked via this helicopter and a separate Relay helicopter, to provide contingency and a staggered refuelling for the two aircraft between the Women’s and Men’s events.

A total of six RF Camera Systems were deployed at the main site (Leeds Millennium Square; transition zone and race finish line) and the remote site (Roundhay Park; the location for the Swimming) – with most of these cameras able to move from one site to the other. The Production Company were keen not to deploy a second OB Truck at the swimming and this was therefore the perfect opportunity for Broadcast RF to launch our new ‘Truck in A Box’ System.

CTV located their main OB truck at Millennium Square but at Roundhay Park Broadcast RF provided a small van to support all the technical facilities at this location and offered full connectivity between the two sites through the use of a bi-directional Link, not only for host broadcaster, Sunset & Vine, but also for the BBC Presentation camera and reporter facility. This new initiative, known as ‘Truck in a Box’ has never been done before on a live event. It completely removes the requirement for an additional OB truck, and worked flawlessly on it’s very first outing supporting 1 cabled and 4 RF cameras, with full camera control, tallies and return vision, as well as additional programme audio feeds and several 2 way radio-talkback circuits.

The Leeds Triathlon itself consisted of a 1.5km swim in the Roundhay Park Lake, a transition from swimming to cycling, a 40km cycle from Roundhay Park to Leeds City Centre, a transition from cycling to running, and, finally, a 10km run which ended in Millennium Square. Olympic champion Alistair Brownlee won the men’s race, beating his brother Jonny by 12 seconds and a repeat of last year’s achievement with a British one-two, while Bermuda’s Flora Duffy won the women’s race by a clear 90 seconds.

CTV crew were full of praise for the Broadcast RF “Truck in a Box” facility; “It’s like the cameras were in the OB Truck” they commented, “we will certainly do this again elsewhere”.

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