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Link L1500 Transmitter

LINK L1500 Transmitter – High Definition Video Transmitter

Full featured HD/SD modular transmitter. Standard features include LMS-T Modulation, low delay MPEG2 encoding and interchangeable RF modules.

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L1500 SD/HD Transmitter

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L1500 SD/HD transmitter

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A featured packed HD/SD video transmitter from Link (Vislink) featuring low delay MPEG2 video encoding as well as a host of other options including LMS-T Modulation, Deep Interleaving, Digital Pre Distortion (LDPD) and user-swappable RF modules. Ideal for turning a range of broadcast cameras into versatile wireless camera systems.

The transmitter simply docks onto any V-Loc battery plate (Anton Bauer and PAG also available on request) allowing it to be used with a wide variety of ENG style cameras as well as our range of purpose built camera backs. This transmitter forms a core component of many of our wireless hand held systems as well as forming a major part of many of our specialist applications such as 3D and marathon coverage.

The system is also suited to many other applications including point to point links and helicopter downlinks with various high gain antenna and mounting options available all tailored to each specific hire.

Standard features include high quality MPEG2 Encoding, DVB-T & Vislink’s propietry modulation scheme LMS-T as well as a wide tuning range, ASI Re-Mux, four channels of analogue or embedded audio and phantom power.

Extended options include:
Deep Interleaving – Ideal for marathon style bike coverage
Digital Pre-Distortion – Great for working in extremely busy RF environments
Variable LMS-T – Full control of RF bandwidth up to 24 MHz (46mBs)

This item can be hired on its own, with a few accessories such as antennas and mounts or as a complete system. The choice is yours. No matter how you decide to hire it you can be assured that it will be fully tested and configured to your needs.

Due to it’s modular approach we are happy to offer this item in various frequency bands including 2.5 GHz, 3.5 GHz and 7.2 GHz.

Available Frequencies: 1.95-2.7 GHz, 3.2-3.6 GHz, 6.8-7.5 GHz
Video Inputs: SD Analogue Composite & Component, SD-SDI, HD-SDI, ASI all on BNC
Audio Inputs: 4 x Analogue Audio Line or Mic (4 Mono / 2 Stereo)
2 x I/P on XLR, 2 on 5 Pin Lemo with adaptor to XLR all with Phantom Power
2 Embedded Audio Channels (4 Mono / 2 Stereo)
Outputs: ASI on BNC
Power: 9 – 18 V DC, Nominal 24 Watts on 4 Pin Lemo
RF Output Power: 100 mW standard but 10 mW, 50 mW, 100mW & 250 mW presets available
Variable output from 10 mW to 250mW allowing fine tuning
HD Formats: 1080i 50/59.94/60, 720P 50/59.94/60, 1080PsF 23.98/24/25/29.97/30, 1080P 23.98/24/25/29.97/30
SD Formats: 576i 50 / 480i 59.94/td>
Delay: 40 mS (nominal 80 mS framelocked)
Standard Modulation: DVB-T: QPSK, 16 QAM, 64 QAM, 6/7/8 MHz
LMS-T: QPSK, 16 QAM, 10/20 MHz
Physical: 1.2 Kg, 185 x 115 x 95 mm
Tech Spec for Options: The following options are available on request. Additional costs apply.
Variable LMS-T: Single Pedestal – 3,4,5,6,7,8,10,12 – QPSK 2/3 FEC, 16 QAM 2/3 FEC
Dual Pedestal – 3,4,5,6,7,8,10,12 – QPSK 2/3 FEC, 16 QAM 2/3 FEC
Providing data rates from 2.7647 Mbit/s to 46.8374 Mbit/s
Deep Interleaving: Full control of Burst Time and Interleave FEC
Pre-Distortion: Switch on/off Pre-Distortion as required

Standard Equipment:

Standard items shipped:

  • 1 x L1500 Transmitter

  • 1 x 4 Pin Lemo to 4 Pin XLR (DC Lead)

  • 1 x Link Audio Input Lead

Link L1500 Datasheet



  • Wireless Cameras

  • ENG Cameras

  • Sony HDC1500 / HDC1500R / HDC2500 / HDC P1

  • LDK 6000 / LDK 8000 Elite

  • 3D Systems

  • Point to Point Links

  • Helicopter Downlinks

  • Marathon Bikes

  • • Boats

  • • Back Packs

  • • Hi Speed Cameras

  • • Live Sport

  • • Light Entertainment

  • • News Gathering

  • • Security and Law Enforcement

Link L1500 HD/SD Transmitter 2.5 GHz £510 per day
3.5 GHz £510 per day
7.2 GHz £510 per day
Link L1500 HD/SD Transmitter
Deep Interleaving option
Link L1500 HD/SD Transmitter
Variable LMS-T option
Link L1500 HD/SD Transmitter
Digital Pre-Distortion option

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