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Meet The Team…

Arthur Dyson

Arthur Dyson

Managing Director/Founder

After Starting his career in the MOD, Arthur built a successful career in a number of electronic engineering companies. Arthur worked in conjunction with Gigawave to develop the first ever successful radio camera system called the PITA. After the PITAs success, they went on to develop an early radio camera system called the G-Cam. Arthur decided to push his career in 1998 by starting his own RF equipment rental company with the aim to supply the broadcast and related industries the opportunity to hire these systems at an affordable price. The business made massive progress and finds itself now being one of the world’s leading source of microwave and radio camera equipment available to hire.



Mark Houghton

Technical Director

Mark co-founded Broadcast RF in 1998. Since then he has been at the forefront of the day to day running of the company on both an engineering level and administration level. Mark has developed an expert knowledge of all the equipment in Broadcast RF’s arsenal and has been at the centre of which technologies to invest in next for the company. Since the company’s inception in 1998, Mark has been at the forefront of every major project Broadcast RF has been involved with including the Torino and Vancouver Winter Olympics, Asian Winter Games, Royal Wedding and Diamond Jubilee Celebrations and most recently the London 2012 Olympic Games. He is constantly looking of ways to refine our current systems as well as looking to the future.


Georgina Swift

Tracey Gould MAAT

Financial Director

Tracey was one of the first employees of Broadcast RF and she has been crucial in providing strategic financial and commercial leadership to the company since the start and has a major impact on decision making on all financial matters. Tracey has lead the development and implementation of the organisations financial policy, business planning, risk management and budget strategies. She also deals with all human resource and H&S issues and has been instrumental in financing/budgeting for all capital purchases of equipment since the company started.



Chris Brandrick BEng (Hons)

Sales Director

In 2003, Chris was employed on a full time contract in the role of Sales Manager after graduating from Southbank University with an engineering degree with honours. Chris’s key skill is his ability to understand the detailed needs of our customers in order to specify the exact equipment they need for their particular project. Chris has project managed all of Broadcast RF’s major projects since 2003 and has vast experience in dealing with the complexities these projects bring and the special planning these jobs need. After joining the board of directors in 2009, Chris has also taken on the operational role in the general running of the company from negotiating key contracts to the logistical management of some large scale projects.




Martin Brosthaus Dipl.-Ing.

Technical Project Manager

Martin finished his studies at Hamburg University of Applied Sciences with an engineering degree in Audio Visual Media Engineering in 2007. Martin joined Broadcast RF in May 2010 and during his tenure at the company he has managed many large RF projects such as the recent London 2012 Olympics where he co-ordinated all of NBC’s RF requirements, the Asian Winter Games, the Papal visits to the UK and Spain and the Dublin Marathon. He is crucial to the development of the 3D RF systems at Broadcast RF and is a pivotal member of the Broadcast RF technical and development team.


Nick Fuller

Technical Project Manager

Nick has over 30 years’ experience of providing RF and communications facilities for live TV outside broadcast events, first with BBC OBs and then with SiS Live before joining Broadcast RF early in 2012. Nick has successfully delivered projects such as the London Marathon and most recently worked with the Host RF provider on a live stage of the Word Rally Championships which required a fixed wing aircraft RF Relay solution. Since joining Broadcast RF Nick has been responsible for the planning and delivery of the Diamond Jubilee, Great Ireland Run and all RF requirements for the Olympic Opening and Closing Ceremonies for the host broadcaster.




John Hayhurst BEng (Hons)

Engineering Manager

John has had nearly 20 years of RF and outside broadcast experience. John started his career working for BHT Comms who supplied point to point outgoing RF links to the broadcast and related industries. He specialised in football and news coverage and predominantly supplied the main outgoing links for ITV Sport and Central TV. After BHT, he worked as Sound/Comms guarantee engineer before joining Broadcast RF in 2003, quickly becoming one of the senior RF engineers with his vast experience. Since 2003, John has been the lead RF engineer on events such as the Athens Summer/Torino Winter/Vancouver Winter Olympics, West Asian Games and the Dubai World Cup. Since 2009, John has made the bench engineer role his own at Broadcast RF and now every job leaving the Broadcast RF premises goes through him. He is pivotal to the operational aspects and engineering of every project at Broadcast RF.


Ben Hawker

RF Engineer

Ben, is born and bred television. His father was a well-known figure in the industry and Ben has followed suit. Since 2007 Ben has engineered and managed some of our most difficult RF projects, and gets the same excellent result every time. He is just as useful to us in the warehouse preparing and testing equipment as he is on site doing what he does best. Ben plays the role of on-site project manager for events such as the Milan Marathon, and he has engineered major events for Broadcast RF, including the Great Ireland Run at Phoenix Park in Ireland, and the European Championship Final in 3D at the Olympic Stadium in Kiev.


Paul Wolff

RF Engineer

Paul worked in the motor industry for a number of years so has a good mechanical and electrical background. Since joining us in 2010, Paul has proved that he has the assets to manage and engineer some of Broadcast RFs largest projects. Whether it is a day to day hire, or one of the world’s richest marathons, Paul ensures that we get the best from our RF equipment. Paul is principal project manager for a series of live marathons we cover in Asia, and has also travelled to Chicago as a key member our engineering team for the Ryder Cup.


Peter McFarlane

RF Engineer

Peter joined us in 2011 and has been a regular engineer on our marathon RF projects in Asia. He has gained vast experience from these projects putting him in a good position to be selected as lead engineer for our regular Rugby League, Rugby Union and Film Premiere radio-camera work.


Aasem Rashid BSc (Hons)

RF Engineer

Aasem graduated from Kingston University with a degree in Media Technology in 2011. He joined Broadcast RF in a trainee position and quickly proved he had what it took to become a fully-fledged RF engineer. Aasem had made the engineers role his own on our largest jobs and continues to push the boundaries of our technology with great results. He regularly works on our weekend sporting events and is a valuable member of the engineering team on large scale events such as the Cheltenham Festival and the Grand National.


Robbie Aldous BSc (Hons)

RF Engineer

In 2011, Robbie graduated from Southampton Solent University with a degree in Outside Broadcast Technology. His education led him to pursue a career in this industry, and in 2012 he joined us as an RF Engineer. Since completing his initial training with our engineering team, Robbie has been trusted with the responsibility of engineering our radio-cameras at Rugby Union fixtures on an almost weekly basis. He also regularly works on Rugby League, Football and Film Premieres.


Matt Bowers

RF Engineer

Matt joined us in 2013, progressing quickly through the Broadcast RF internal training scheme. He has since flourished in the world of RF engineering, having engineered a variety of events including Football, Rugby Union and horseracing, and worked as our lead engineer for the RefCam system throughout the 2012/13 season.


Charles Antwi BSc (Hons), MSc

Software Programmer

Charles was employed in 2010 as our Software Engineer after graduating from the University of Westminster with a degree in Mobile Communications and a masters in Multimedia Communications. Charles is responsible for the design, development and integration of embedded software solutions for the company’s custom-built RF products; ensuring that project targets are always met with regards to costs and timelines.


Michael Noake

Service Engineer

Michael was employed as our Service Engineer, leaving him in charge of all equipment repairs and general kit maintenance. As well as this he plays a pivotal role in our in house expertise and equipment development. He is the man behind our Sony HDC P1 lightweight wireless camera solution, and has successfully developed an RF over fibre system that we have utilised on the Ryder Cup in 2012 and used weekly on the Channel 4 Horseracing.


Lauren Dixon

Engineering administrator

Lauren is our Engineering Administrator, working closely alongside our engineering team to keep on top of administration in the Warehouse. She’s regularly found placing orders for various equipment/components for any repairs and developments we complete in house, and is also responsible for the BRF wiki in terms of the fault logs and the rigging guides. Lauren is responsible for sending faulty equipment out for repair and ensuring it is returned in time for its next job. She also acts as a PA to the Managing and Technical Directors, completing various tasks such as arranging their time and ensuring their diaries are up to date.




Daniel Somogyi

Hire Desk Administrator

Dan’s role as a member of the sales team means that he regularly raises quotes and is in close contact with the bookings and logistics department to ensure that our customers job criteria is always met. As well as this, Dan plays a part in the marketing development at Broadcast RF, which includes web development, writing news stories and any other marketing matter within the company. As well as his part to play in the office, Dan can also be found on site from time to time in order to broaden his knowledge and understanding of our kit.


Georgina Swift

Georgina Swift

Logistics Co-ordinator

George controls all aspects of our logistics department. She is in control of efficient use of staff and freelance crew and maintains a good working relationship with both. George is also in charge of the day to day running of the engineering bookings which contains all information on up and coming engineered jobs as well as the daily logistics of staff members such as meetings and holidays. Booking frequencies, raising carnets and commercial invoices for events overseas and arranging travel and accommodation for events that aren’t so close to home are also key parts in George’s job role.


Bella Lloyd

Bella Lloyd

Logistics Administrator

Bella started at Broadcast RF as our Logistics Assistant, and her job roles therefore consist of booking suitably trained freelance engineers for up and coming events, scheduling driver’s as per daily delivery and collection requirements, booking frequency licenses via JFMG and booking couriers for deliveries in the UK and abroad. She organises travel arrangements and hotel bookings for staff engineers and ensures that they have all the relevant information they need whilst on the job.


Joanne Hehir

Bookings Co-ordinator

Joanne is our equipment Bookings Co-ordinator, in charge of all equipment related tasks. These range from ensuring that all our equipment is labelled and identified, ensuring that everything is always returned, to booking equipment for specific jobs. Jo regularly carries out stock checks to make sure that everything is where it should be, and works closely alongside the sales team in order to determine exactly what a client’s full requirements before liaising with our engineering department to ensure the best equipment is specified for the job.




Tracey Callahan

Accounts Manager

Tracey Callahan has worked for Broadcast RF for over ten years, making her our longest serving member of staff excluding the directors. She is in charge of the accounts department when the Financial Director is not in the office, dealing with all of our accounts payable, as well as making credit checks, arranging Tax and VAT returns and general management accounts.


Kristi Sims

Accounts Supervisor

Kristi has worked for Broadcast RF since 2008. She mainly deals with the company’s accounts receivable, which includes general invoicing, customer queries and credit control. As well as these roles, Kristi is in charge of our Human Resources, and is also fully trained in first aid.



Dean Fitzgerald

Warehouse Manager

Dean joined Broadcast RF as our Warehouse Manager, taking full responsibility of overseeing every single piece of kit before it is dispatched. Dean makes sure that the equipment booked out for jobs is always exactly what goes out, down to the very last serial number. He also checks kit in upon return, makes the bookings team aware of any missing or damaged items, organises for couriers to deliver and collect kit, liaises with the logistics department when they need information regarding weights and dimensions of kit and raises delivery notes so that engineers on jobs know exactly what they have to work with and where everything is boxed.


Davy Faiers

Warehouse Supervisor

Davy has worked at Broadcast RF since 2007. He oversees every single job before it leaves the building. As well as preparing and packing kit before it goes out on a job, he and the rest of the warehouse team check kit back in after jobs, highlighting any equipment that has not returned on time. Davy also arranges deliveries and collections via couriers and generates the delivery note for every single job that goes out of the building.


Declan Heard

Warehouse Assistant

Declan joined us in 2011 after studying Music Technology at Coventry University. He regularly drives kit to ensure prompt delivery to clients, and has established himself a position in the Warehouse checking in kit after jobs to ensure that everything always comes back on time, without any damage or defection. He also makes deliveries and collections to guarantee that kit is always exactly where it should be and always on time.


Vincent Riley

Chief Driver

Vince is the chief driver at Broadcast RF. He makes deliveries and collections on a day to day basis, and has a great relationship with all of our clients. Also, Vince is in charge of all of the company’s vehicle maintenance records and servicing. He’s a very friendly face and always has a joke to tell when equipment is being loaded or unloaded.


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