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Micro / Covert RF – Size really does matter!

Small digital wireless solutions to bring breathtaking pictures from the heart of the action.


Broadcast RF have the worlds smallest full broadcast quality transmission systems ideal for body worn or covert wireless camera operations where size and weight is a must to be kept at a minimum. At the centre of these installations is Broadcast RFs stock of small transmission systems. Broadcast RF have designed bespoke micro camera/RF systems for many differing applications including but not limited to the following:

Guitar/Instrument Mounted RF Cameras

This mini camera is mounted on the guitars headstock and looks down the fretboard providing a live video feed of guitarists whilst they are performing. This system has rock n rolled around the world and been mounted on performers such as Brian May, Mark Knopfler and used on the last two world tours with Iron Maiden. Mounting bracket can also be used on various other instruments.

Athlete Mounted RF Cameras

Used in summer and winter Olympics since 2010, this unique helmet mounted RF system can provide superb live camera angles. Broadcast RF have installed these RF cameras on Ski X, Snowboard, Triathlon athletes, Jockeys, Referees, and even military personnel at live events.

Goal/Point of View RF Cameras

Miniature cameras commonly used in Ice hockey and on speed skating as Cone Cam. Provides close up footage of goal line action or point of view in the field of play or performance.

Covert RF Cameras

Should your cameras need to covert and live, we have plenty of wireless video links to suit any application.

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