SD Equipment

SD Equipment – Wide Range of products

Broadcast RF stocks a massive range of standard definition digital wireless products for all your needs.

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SD wireless radio camera

with Gigawave D-Cam system

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SD Transmitters

Cobham Micro SD

Link XP

Gigawave D-Cam

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SD Receivers

Link L2104

Gigawave MVL-D

In addition to our large HD stock of equipment we also stock a massive range of SD products and solutions.

More information will be available on our new website shortly but for now please contact our sales office for pricing and information.

Rest assured we have everything you could need from complete wireless camera systems for a range of cameras to individual transmitters and receivers to complement your own equipment. Check out the “Available in SD” tab for a better idea of what we have.

Link (Vislink) Equipment:

  • L1103 XP, L1500 Transmiters

  • L2002, L2102, L2104, L2150, L2114, L2134, L2174 Receivers and Decoders

  • XPR, XPRV (Return Video) Camera Backs with Camera Control

  • Fibre and Triax Extension Systems as required

Gigawave Equipment:

  • Clip On, MTV-D Transmitters

  • MVL-D, MVL-D2, MVL-D3 Receiver/Decoders

  • D-Cam Dockable Camera Back with Camera Control

Cobham Equipment:

  • Micro Transmitter, Solo H.264

  • Pro RXB

  • Wireless Cameras

  • ENG Cameras

  • Sony BVP550 / BVP950 / E30

  • LDK 100 / LDK 200 / LDK 300 / LDK 500

  • Point to Point Links

  • Helicopter Downlinks

  • Marathon Bikes

  • Boats

  • Back Packs

  • Live Sport

  • Light Entertainment

  • News Gathering

  • Security and Law Enforcement

Link SD Wireless Camera System prices start at £300 per day
Gigawave SD Wireless Camera System prices start at £300 per day
Cobham SD Wireless Camera System prices start at £200 per day
Camera Control option for above systems Add £150 per day
Link XPR (SD) – 4 Way Diversity with Camera Control £485 per day
Gigawave D-Cam (SD) – Single Receive with Camera Control £420 per day

The above prices are example systems only, more combinations of equipment are available on request.

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