Sony HDC1500

Sony HDC1500 – Complete HD Wireless Camera System

Wireless camera system for use with a range of Sony HDC camera heads including the HDC1500, HDC1500R, HDC2500 and other similar types. Incorporates our own design lightweight and compact mount and supplied complete with camera control and a choice of video transmissions systems.

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Sony HDC1500 with Link Transmitter

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Mounting Bracket for Sony HDC1500

with Video Sys Data Receiver

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Sony HDC1500 with Link XPu transmitter

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Sony HDC1500 with Link L1500 transmitter

Broadcast RF’s own design lightweight camera back can be docked onto various Thomson Grass Valley LDK camera bodies, specifically the LDK6000 and 8000/Elite models.

Our camera back houses a camera control receiver for use with the new Gigawave OCP5 wireless paint system (supplied as standard) and provides HD SDI and Composite outputs to a range of HD transmitters which are attached using the IDX V-Loc battery mount. This makes for a very light and well balanced wireless camera system.

Broadcast RF’s own design lightweight transmitter mount can be fixed onto various Sony HDC style camera bodies, specifically the HDC1500, 1500R and 2500 models.

Our mount houses a camera control receiver for use with the new Videosys manufacturers based wireless paint system. Two IDX V-Loc battery plates, one on the top and one on the back, are provided allowing various options for TX and battery mounting ensuring the camera system stays well balanced.

The mount can also be used independently of the video transmitter making it ideal for events such as golf where a pole mounted transmitter is preferred but camera control is still required.

The system comes complete with your choice of Link, Gigawave or Cobham video transmission systems as well all batteries and accessories as required.

Also included is our new manufacturers based camera control system from Videosys and a Sony RCP1500 control panel to compliment. This award winning UHF based wireless paint system allows up to 4 camera systems to share a single UHF channel helping maintain a low impact on spectrum use whilst still providing all the familiarity of Sony control.

Camera Head, Lens not included

Available Frequencies: 2.5 GHz, 3.5 GHz, 7.2 GHz depending on choice of video transmission system.
(Please refer to our Link, Gigawave or Cobham system pages for more information)
Camera Control:
Type: Gigawave, Link or Videosys manufacturers based
Frequency Range: 403 – 474 MHz
Bandwidth: 12.5 or 25 KHz Depending on type used
Output Power: 1 W
Additional Info Camera Control System can support multiple cameras on one UHF channel

Standard Equipment:

Our standard* wireless camera consists of the following:

  • 1 x Broadcast RF Sony Camera Mount

  • 1 x Data Antenna

  • 1 x HD Video Transmitter**

  • 1 x Omni Transmit Antenna

  • 1 x Steadicam Box (Tally Light)

  • 1 x Camera Raincover

  • 1 x IDX Battery Set

  • 1 x HD Video Receive System***

  • All Receive Antennas as required

  • Various mounts or tripods for receive equipment

  • 1 x Sony RCP1500****

  • 1 x Videosys Indoor Unit****

  • 1 x Videosys Outdoor Unit & Antenna****

  • All Interconnecting Cables

  • *Does not include camera head and lens

    **A choice of Link, Gigawave and Cobham video transmitters is available

    ***Various receive options are available including Triax and Fibre based systems from Link, Gigawave and Cobham

    ****Where Videosys Camera Control is not available, Gigawave/Link generic camera control may be substituted.

Optional Equipment:

At Broadcast RF we engineer our systems with a view to using cameras supplied by our clients.

Should you wish Broadcast RF to supply camera heads, lenses or any other peripheral equipment we can of course help.

We can source all the following equipment and much more from either our own inventory or from third party suppliers:

  • Camera Heads

  • All types of lenses + Remotes

  • Tripods

  • Radio Talkback

  • Wireless microphones

  • Monitors

  • Fibre or Triax Cable

  • • Live Sport

  • • Light Entertainment

  • • News Gathering

Link HD Wireless Camera System
with Camera Control
Prices start from £800 per day
Gigawave HD Wireless Camera System
with Camera Control
Prices start from £850 per day
Cobham HD Wireless Camera System
with Camera Control
Prices start from £600 per day
RF system for return video or Autocue/Teleprompt
(for mounting on Steadicam)
£300 per day
Sony HDC1500/HDC1500R/2500 Camera Head £350 per day
Wide Angle HD Lens Prices start from £110 per day
Standard HD Lens Prices start from £100 per day

The above prices are example systems only, more combinations of equipment are available on request.

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  • Vislink Link HD Wireless Video System

    Link HD

    HD wireless video system for use in a wide range of applications including roving cameras, point to point links, bikes and airborne.

  • Vislink Gigawave HD Wireless Video System

    Gigawave HD

    Simple to use high quality HD video transmission system for use in a variety of situations.

  • Cobham HD Wireless Video System

    Cobham HD

    Small, lightweight MPEG4 H.264 HD video transmission system for use in a variety of situations.

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