X Games Munich 2013 Broadcast RF


Broadcast RF’s wireless Sony P1 system used for world class events including ESPN’s X Games at Foz do Iguaçu in Brazil, Barcelona and Munich.

Broadcast RF’s new super lightweight wireless system for the Sony HDC P1 compact camera has secured its position in live outside broadcast. The system has just toured the world for a series of sports events, and featured in live coverage of the X Games in Brazil, then Barcelona, and most recently Munich.

Developed by Broadcast RF to offer a lightweight alternative to the Sony 1500/2500 camera for stabilised camera rigs, it is probably the lightest wireless camera solution available so far, especially for Sony trucks, where it matches perfectly with other Sony cameras. Broadcast RF offered the new system for clients to try out at live events, and found stabilised camera operators wanted to use it straight away.

Steadicam operator Jim Littlehales who has been using the system on the recent Confederations Cup in Brazil, gives his approval: “Reducing the size and weight of any wireless camera system makes a big difference. The lighter the system is, the more I can throw the camera around and offer better shots to production. It was amazing – and the positioning on my rig is excellent. It doesn’t knock into my body and I can work it at close proximity which allows me to offer superior shots than its cumbersome counterparts. Not to mention running up and down a touchline for 90 minutes, it’s a relief when I see Broadcast RFs P1 wireless camera”

Chris Brandrick, Sales Director at Broadcast RF, explains: “Our company has been pushing the boundaries of wireless cameras for the last decade and the whole system is designed to keep the weight and size to the minimum and give the operator all the adjustment needed to balance the stabilised camera rig perfectly.”

“At the centre of the system is a flexible mounting system, which we designed ourselves, to mount various HD video transmitters and antennas. We have added our own control system which is based on the manufacturer’s OCP.”

Broadcast RF offers the system complete with a Sony HDC P1 camera head and batteries and accessories, such as teleprompt monitors and return video systems, as required. The choice of video transmitter is up to the customer but Broadcast RF recommends either the lightweight Link L1370 XPu-HD or the Cobham Solo H.264 HD transmitter.

A new, award winning UHF based wireless paint system from Videosys is included, which uses the manufacturer’s control system, and a Sony RCP1500 control panel to compliment. This allows up to 4 camera systems to share a single UHF channel and helps to maintain a low impact on spectrum use while providing all the familiarity of Sony camera control.

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