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Stalls cameras at Royal Ascot and Epsom Derby

Royal Ascot Epsom Derby Broadcast RF 2014

Stalls cameras at Royal Ascot and Epsom Derby


Broadcast RF provide all the wireless camera facilities for Channel 4 horseracing coverage on a weekly basis. This includes the crown jewel race meetings such as Royal Ascot and the Epsom Derby.

This year there was an additional request to provide miniature cameras and links from the Starting Stalls for these two events.

The obvious choice of video transmitter for these was the Cobham HD Nano, the smallest HD transmitter available on the market. Combined with the Cobham diversity receiver it makes for a reliable link.

Broadcast RF owns ten of these particular transmitters and had previously used them on body worn applications at the Sochi Winter Olympics so knew they would be up to the job on the Horseracing Stalls.

A small and discrete package was assembled containing the transmitter, 1W power amplifier, cooling fan and battery. Fitted with an external transmit antenna and quick release mount it was all camouflaged to blend into the Starting Stalls.

The entire project, from initial request to the first transmission day, was completed in a matter of weeks and the results were evident to the viewers, providing superb close up views of the jockey and horse in the moments before the race start.


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