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Evian Masters 2012 Broadcast RF


This year, Broadcast RF supplied 3 HD RF Golf Systems for The Evian Masters. Our systems were used to achieve 100% coverage on every green, tee and fairway. The Sony HDC1500 cameras were able to be remotely controlled from the OB thanks to the installation and operation engineer who travelled to France with the equipment. Also included was extra equipment such as RF Over Fibre Systems, Down Co...

Austrian Open Golf 2012 Broadcast RF


Broadcast RF sent 3 HD RF Golf Systems as well as extra equipment such as RF Over Fibre Systems, Down Converters and High Gain Receive Antennas to Austria for the Open Golf Championship this year. Coverage was achieved all over the 7,386 yard Country Club thanks to the HDC1500 cameras being remotely controlled from the OB by our 2 on site engineers. The Austrian Open is a men’s profession...

Olympic Opening Ceremony 2012 Broadcast RF


Broadcast RF's radio cameras provided faultless coverage of the Opening Ceremony in London this Friday 27th July, bringing footage to over one billion viewers worldwide. With 11 RF cameras; 9 racked systems (including both horizontal and vertical tracked cameras) and 2 mobile minicams, the coverage of Danny Boyle's entertainment spectacular was glitch free. Interspersed with other coverage of ...

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