The Jump 2014 Broadcast RF


Broadcast RF’s Helmet Camera System is currently being utilised in Austria for the new Channel 4 hit TV series ‘The Jump’.

The new show brings together 12 celebrity contestants who battle it out in a series of winter sports events including skiing, slalom and ski jumping, over a period of ten consecutive nights. Contestants included British Olympic rower Sir Steve Redgrave, Glamour model Melinda Messenger and Television presenter Laura Hamilton.

The Broadcast RF Helmet Camera System consists of a discreet head camera, plus a transmitter and batteries which are mounted in a backpack. For the first time one of the new Link L1700 Wireless Camera Transmitter has been deployed, and is very well suited to the task at hand thanks to its small and lightweight appearance, which means that it is barely noticeable when being worn.

The first men’s event was the Giant Slalom, where Sir Steve Redgrave recorded the fastest time of 39.30 seconds. The two slowest competitors, Nicky Clarke and Ritchie Neville, took on the live jump from the smallest of the three jumps, the K15. Clarke was eliminated after failing to jump as far as Neville.

The first women’s event, the Skeleton, saw winner Kimberly Wyatt record a time of 44,180 seconds. The two slowest competitors, Sinitta and Amy Childs, again opted to jump from the K15, but having struggled in training Amy made a shock decision not to jump. Sinitta went on to land her jump, eliminating Amy from the competition.

The Helmet Camera System has so far been deployed on both events, and events scheduled for the rest of the competition include bobsleigh and speed skating, where the remaining contestants will be pushed both physically and mentally.

Immediately after the competition finishes in less than a week’s time, our attention turns to Russia for coverage of the 2014 Winter Games in Sochi.

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