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Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 Premiere London Broadcast RF


On December 3rd 2008, Waterstone’s London played host to the premiere of Twilight, a movie based on the best-selling novel of the name written by Stephenie Meyer. On 14th December 2012, almost four years on since the premiere of Twilight, Leicester Square erupted with the sound of ecstatic fans as the cast returned to London for the premiere of the epic conclusion to the Twilight Saga – Breaking Dawn Part 2 at the Odeon cinema.

Broadcast RF are regular suppliers or RF facilities for film premieres in and around London, and there was no change this time as we sent 3 Systems to Leicester Square for one of the most complex and unique premieres London has ever seen. A roving camera system for Sony HDC1500 was deployed on the red carpet, with two receive antennas placed inside the square gardens and the other two on the roof of the OB truck to reduce the chance of any break up or signal loss. Also, a HD Point to Point system wirelessly linked the truck output to the the Vue Cinema. This signal was displayed on one of the screens where viewers could watch the outside proceedings from the perspective of somebody on the red carpet, getting up close and personal with all of the movie stars, as well as other UK celebrities such as the contestants of this year’s X-Factor.

As well as the Wireless Camera System and HD Point to Point Link, a beauty shot was offered to the director of the premiere from the roof of the Vue cinema which enabled him to see the majority of the square and gardens. The SD signal from the camera was transmitted using a fixed link from the roof down to the square gardens where a short cable run from receive antennas fed the producers screen with everything he wanted to see.

Breaking Dawn Part 1 is currently the 63rd highest grossing Movie in the UK since its release less than a year ago on November 18th 2011. The movie tells the tale of Bella beginning her new life as a vampire after being brought back from near death by Edward after the birth of their first child, Renesmee. All goes terribly wrong when Renesmee is misidentified as an immortal child, and the Volturi set out to destroy the Cullens. The movie follows the Cullens and the Wolf Pack as they gather foreign vampires from places such as Egypt, Ireland and America to help them fight for justice and prove their innocence.

The premiere was streamed live to an online audience, which peaked at 17,000 individual viewers worldwide. As always, some followers of the Twilight Saga were proud of what had been achieved throughout the course of the movies, whilst others were sad to see it come to an end. The stars of the movie thanked their fans for all of the dedication that they’ve shown across the years, and being there to capture the conclusion to something that is recognized worldwide as one of the biggest movie chains ever is a great privilege for Broadcast RF.


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