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Tracey Gould (Dyson) is leaving Broadcast RF

Tracey Gould (Dyson) is leaving Broadcast RF

Today is a sad day for Broadcast RF.

We lose one of our biggest assets in our Financial Director Tracey Gould (Dyson).

Tracey leaves us following 18 years of service. She was with us from the very start setting up the company with her father Arthur Dyson and Mark Houghton our Technical Director.

Tracey was always full of fun and knows every strand of the company’s business. She has seen us grow from a small business with two employees to the company who is now competing on the global stage.

She will be sorely missed by everyone at Broadcast RF and we send our best wishes for her new venture.

We love you Tracey.

From all at Broadcast RF

Here are some messages from some old friends:

Arthur Dyson – Broadcast RF Managing Director

Tracey. We stuffed you into a box, spun you around, and refused to let you out. That box became known as Tracey’s box. By the way it is now in my garage.

We made you drive all the way round the M25 in our van “Trigger” collecting our equipment for the Queen Mums funeral only to find out it was a hoax by a journalist.

We often got you to test equipment, when we were not there, by remote control over the phone.

Once In the early days, Mark & I had to drive you to work totally legless where you had been on the piss all night but I insisted you came to work or hand in your notice. Hence you were asleep all day in the corner of our little office. Good times we had.

You started this journey as a receptionist but through your hard work and sacrifices you become a boring accountant. All the time you have worked for us you have made tea, cleaned boxes, swept the floor, generated quotes, worked on the bookings, prepped kit and been a bloody nuisance poking your nose into everyone’s job. Ha Ha

Dad xx

Chris Brandrick – Broadcast RF Sales Director

Miss Dyson or whatever you are called now (sorry Matt).

You brought me here and created my career, which sometimes I love you for, and sometimes I hate you.  LOL
Seriously, I must thank you for introducing me into the world of RF, I love it and have loved working with you and my BRF family.

We have done some really cool things together, made some huge deals and generally pissed about a lot over the years!
Remember the milkshakes, the mouse and the tree stump, oh and those stairs in Dam?
You will be missed badly, especially by me but we will of course stay in touch, friends for life!
Good luck in your new venture, keep in touch and come in and see us as often as you can.

All my best Trace

Your mate Chris  xxx

PS – glad you didn’t die on that tandem LOL!  Wish I filmed it…

Mark Houghton – Broadcast RF Technical Director

I remember when Broadcast RF had just began and we were driving up to Coggeshall with Arthur every day.  You always fell asleep against the window.  I used to drive up the winding roads deliberately trying to get your head to bang on the glass.  We also left you asleep outside in the car for several hours I seem to remember!

Still we managed to grow a business and take it from rags to riches with you a key part to that success.  I thank you for that and all the fun we had in the process.  We have gone from spotty youths to parents, through good times and bad but still come out the other side as lifelong friends.

I wish you all the best for what your new future brings and know you will succeed in whatever you choose to do.

Lots of love

Mark xxx

Davy Faiers – Broadcast RF Prep

My first two days at Broadcast RF,

Day 1: The small, loud accounts girl unloads a lorry full of kit.
Day 2: Too hung over to eat lunch.
The two extremes of Tracey…

Lots of Love, Davy xx

Georgina Swift – Broadcast RF Logistics Coordinator

You could always rely on Tracey to be the ‘slightly tipsy’ one at the Christmas parties with the camera in your face…literally! Or providing the entertainment of getting kicked out by the bouncer for refusing to put her shoes on. Who’s going to take photos and get kicked out now?!

Good Luck Trace, Love George xxx

Dan Somogyi – Broadcast RF Hire Desk Coordinator

I’ll never forget the day I nearly killed my financial director by crashing into a tram track and sending her flying head first towards the kerb. The only thing worse than 1 person who cant ride a bike… 2 people who cant ride a bike, sharing a tandem! Thanks for everything Trace, we’ll all miss you! x

Nick Fuller – Broadcast RF Project Manager

Bye Tracey!

It’s going to be very different in the office once you’ve gone.

Your bubbly personality and never ending stories of you and your families dramas have kept us entertained on a daily basis!

I hope, with more time on your hands now (lady of leisure and all that) life will mean less rushing around and more sitting around (some hope)!

All the best



JP Delport – Cobham Broadcast

IBC Amsterdam memories with Tracey Dyson….. Kicked out of 2 clubs and falling asleep on a tree stump… We going to miss you Tracey Dyson!!!


Zarah Izadi – Broadcast Solutions

Dear Tracey,
Luck is like a fashion trend, it comes and goes. But hard work is timeless, it always shows .
I know you will be great wherever you go. Wish you super success in your venture and hope it be all exciting and fun.

Zarah xxx

Mark Grady – McBrides Accountants

Many thanks to Tracey for all her assistance over the many years that McBrides have been accountants and advisers to Broadcast RF. She has been a cornerstone of the business and her absence will leave a hole that will not be easy to fill. We would like to wish Tracey all the very best for her future.

Warmest regards from Nick, Mark, Andy and all the team at McBrides.

Nathan Spencer – Rear Window Television


I was shocked to learn that Broadcast RF was going to exist without you… I would never have thought that possible! From the very first days you were a thoughtful, tenacious and incredibly professional part of the company – and everyone saw that. I stand in awe at the achievements of BRF and I know from working closely with you over many years, that your drive and personality played a huge part in that success.

Despite the countless days working incredibly long hours somehow we both managed to start families and I’m sure that you, like me, consider that to be the finest, greatest, most rewarding achievement… So I very much hope this new chapter in your life gives you more time to enjoy your family.

Working alongside you was an honor and a privilege, and I know you will continue to succeed.

With every best wish…


Greg Cox – Ex Broadcast RF

Tracey, Chris asked me to send you a message as you are soon leaving BRF. Well, that put me in a predicament trying to decide which crazy moment we shared that I might reminisce with you. Falling backwards off the bonnet of the Gigawave car outside your house? Desperately trying to stop you kicking in car doors on a night out in Croydon? You playing buckeroo on me after I passed out? My god, there are so many…. but one in particular springs to mind… when you came to Singapore and visited me. The night we went to Clarke Quay and had shishas and drank at the medical bar… doing wheelies in real wheelchairs and downing a large amount of alcohol in the medical chair from a drip!!! I wish you all the best mate, I’m sure you’re moving on to something better.

Greg Cox – Mental Aussie

PS – don’t forget when I slept around your dads house, got an early night and seemed to pass through the red wine LOL

Kristi Sims – Broadcast RF

The most vivid memories I have, were the day I came to be interviewed and I could hear you singing (well wailing really) all the way down the stairs in reception but also the day that we found out you was pregnant with Ellen (even though I secretly knew already!).

All the best, Kristi xx

Tracey Callahan – Broadcast RF

It’s certainly going to be different without you in the office, I still can’t believe you are actually leaving, thanks for all the laughter and fun we have had over the years, I am really going to miss you.

I wish you all the best in your new adventure and every happiness for the future and know that you will succeed in whatever you choose to do because you are you.

Love Tracey C

Richard Fitzgerald – Ex Broadcast RF

Sorry you’re leaving Tracey.  We had some good times in the old days, not mentioning the various office supplies thrown at me, but I will let you off now we are adults.

My biggest, not fondest memory went like this:

I was on my way to a Moto GP event in Barcelona and was calling Michel Aran.  We couldn’t find each other, so both started waving at each other.  “Where are you then Fitz, I am waving but there seems to be no one waving back”, he said.  After half an hour of waving, we realised that I was at the wrong Barcelona Airport, only 100km away from the one I was meant to be at.  That was a long day, thanks Tracey!


Rachel – Ex Broadcast RF


Can’t believe you are leaving BRF! I won’t forget the office obstacles and when you taught me to understand how old cars were from their number plates! Good luck in your next adventure!

Rachel xx

Joanne – Ex Broadcast RF
Tracey could always be counted on you to provide some office entertainment, whether it was spraying a mouth full of crackers everywhere or saying the wrong thing at the wrong time! Thanks for making me laugh through the years! Good luck for the future.

Love Jo xxx

Molly Goodall – Ex Broadcast RF

I’ll always remember gate crashing your honeymoon and drinking far too many cocktails whilst watching the England matches in the sports bar…ahhh to be back there again! Take care and good luck in your next adventures

Love Molly xxx


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