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Broadcast RF made broadcasting history in February 2015 by bringing a state-of-the-art professional HD miniature wireless camera to the broadcast market, the VeloVue HD.

This year Broadcast RF travelled to Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines, France, just 12 miles away from Paris, for the February 2015 Track Cycling World Championships hosted at the Vélodrome de Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines.

Here at Broadcast RF we are very proud to have designed and installed our new wireless point of view (POV) cameras onto the bikes of competing riders. This has been the first time in the UCI World Championships history that this type of technology has been implemented and has resulted in an unprecedented sense of immersion for all viewers from around the world.

Working in conjunction with the UCI and HBS, using VideoSys Broadcast as a technical partner, Broadcast RF produced a full HD camera and wireless transmitter, small and lightweight enough to be mounted on track bikes as well as many other athlete mounted applications.

The VeloVue HD has Cobham RF technology at its core, along with a bespoke mini camera design developed by VideoSys, and weighs in at just 199g (222g inclusive of bespoke bike mounts) for the complete camera and transmission system, including battery.

This was a ground breaking project and the first system of its kind. With this new combination of camera and RF technology in a single package we can finally bring an angle that has always been missing from track cycling coverage that will delight both the hardcore fans and viewers new to the sport.

Australia’s own Anna Meares became the most prolific female in the history of track racing during the 2015 UCI World Championships for recording her 11th title. Previously Meares was neck and neck with France’s Felicia Ballanger with ten.

Here is what Anna Meares had to say about the on-board wireless cameras;

“I applaud the UCI for being ahead with the times, for bringing the cameras on-board to give an insight to our fans why we love the sport of track cycling. Cameras and TV from the outside doesn’t do it justice. It doesn’t show the speed, the close racing, the steepness of the banking. I personally have enjoyed Francois Pervis in the Keirin on the on-board camera, and I hope many have enjoyed mine as well.”

The 19 events in total took place between 18th-22nd February 2015 with 385 cyclists from 28 countries competing with France’s François Pervis coming out on top followed by Australia in 2nd with Germany not far behind.

François Pervis, 2014 world champion in the Men’s Keirin event delighted his home crowd by taking the gold medal at the 2015 UCI World Championships Keirin. Pervis was second throughout the race until the last 250-meter lap when he breezed past Maximilian Levy of Germany followed by deafening roars of support from the crowd.

Pervis was also able to take gold for the Men’s Kilometer time trial.

With the VeloVue HD camera installed onto François Pervis’ bike fans alike from around the world of the UCI Track World Championships were able to see for the first time just how fast the riders race around the track from a first person perspective.


On Sunday’s finals, focus switched to the men’s event with Madison being a crowd favourite. An early advantage was taken by Great Britain with a lap lead with France, Belgium, Italy and Spain putting up a furious fight. In the final sprint Bryan Coquard and Morgan Kneisky riding for the French squad were leading by just three points over Italy’s Liam Berazzo and Elia Viviani.

France finished second to Italy but achieved overall victory by a single point.

With four potential medallist’s France was clearly leading with the men’s Sprint competition. During the quarter final, France’s Gregory Bauge held nothing back against defending champion Francois Pervis taking three victories with an additional win against French rider Quentin Lafargue in the semi-final. It was obvious that Bauge was the stronger rider with his fourth Sprint title. Lafargue was able to take the bronze.

Everybody here at Broadcast RF are very much looking forward to London hosting the next Track Cycling World Championships 2016.

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