Ref Cam Broadcast RF


Broadcast RF will be demonstrating their live wireless RefCam at IBC this year.

It is a full 1080 50i High Definition, Point Of View camera designed to follow the gaze of a sports referee, and capture his exact view of the game for the audience at home. The system is in use twice a week for Sky Sports’ Rugby League and can be easily adapted for other body mounted applications.

The RefCam is a head-mounted system rather than chest-mounted, so that it moves with the referees head movements to capture his full view of the game, rather than following the movement of his upper body. It is used for replays and to capture the detail of those decisive moments when only the referee can see exactly what is happening.

The system comprises a wearable Point of View camera with a transmitter and a battery pack which is carried in a vest worn by the referee. It can use the existing wireless camera stadium receive infrastructure and comes with full remote camera control, including adjustment to the colour settings and iris control of the camera, which is needed for major sports productions.

Neville Smith, Executive Producer for Sky Sports Rugby League, is more than happy with the RefCam: “Getting a camera to capture the referees POV was a holy grail I’ve been seeking for about 15 years, but it has taken until now to make it happen. Having tasked Broadcast RF to develop it this year, and worked closely with them and the Rugby League referees themselves to make it happen, I am delighted with the results. Used judiciously it has really added an impact to our coverage, a unique feeling of being a complete part of the action. Broadcast RF have done a brilliant job of bringing it to reality, and are still working to further enhance both the quality and practicality of wearing it.”

Match Officials Director of the RFL Stuart Cummings adds: “It’s very exciting for our viewers to see the game effectively through the referee’s eyes. We were pleasantly surprised to find that the camera is actually very light to wear, and was comfortable throughout the entire match, in fact you could put it on, and forget about it, and concentrate on doing the job of refereeing the game.”


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